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Don't let your love of the gym make you miss a gorgeous day outside. Do this outdoor workout to tone up, slim down, and sculpt all over. Targets glutes and quads Sit on the edge of a bench. Throwing your arms up as you go, jump in the air as high as you can

The Full Body Playground Workout Greatist Health and Fitness News, Tips, Recipes, and Exercises

Think your neighborhood playground is just for kids? Think again! Monkey bars, swings, and a park bench can easily become all you need for an effective total body workout. Balance is key for this routine, says Greatist Expert and trainer Jonathan Angelilli, who appears in the photos below. He

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Take your strength training outside with this bench workout: if you find yourself as mesmerized by your own surroundings as we are of ours,

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10 Exercises You Can Do on a Park Bench or Picnic Table

Don't have access to a gym? No problem. All you need is a park bench to perform this full body workout. You'll be slim, strong, and svelte in no time.

Take It Outside: 3 Must Try Outdoor Workouts

Machines, barbells, and bodyweight exercises all play a role in staying fit, but, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the gym. Work up a sweat and embrace the outdoors with

Outdoor Workout: Tone Every Inch On a Park Bench

Get a total body strength training workout in the great outdoors with these exercises you can do with just a park bench. Get a total body strength training workout in the great outdoors with these exercises you can do

GET OUTSIDE: My 8 Favorite Park Bench Exercises — Balance In Practice

I LOVE being outside though and finding new props to use that help me to make the most out of my exercises are the best. I wouldn't say that a bench is a new prop but it is definitely a good one when it comes to outdoor workouts. Services About About Blog

Outdoor Exercise Routine for Legs (video) Joslin Diabetes Center

Diabetes Information & Resources Diabetes & Exercise Outdoor Exercise Routine for Legs (video a bench, on any heavy exercise equipment, or you can use a door anchor and do these exercises in any room in your house. Start with 2 sets of 15 reps

7 Hip Exercises Outside Online

7 Hip Exercises One of the most neglected parts of an endurance athlete's body is also arguably the most important If you have poor mobility, start by using a bench or box to land—you’ll want the added stability. How to do it: Begin with a 20 to 30 inch box

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